Who Gets To See My Licence?

Licensed security staff in the UK are not specifically required to show their SIA license to the general public unless requested to do so by a police officer or an authorized representative of the SIA. However, security staff are expected to display their licenses in a manner that makes it easily visible and identifiable during the course of their duties.

The primary purpose of displaying the SIA license is to provide reassurance to the public that the security staff are appropriately licensed and authorized to carry out their security-related activities. It also allows members of the public to verify the legitimacy of the security personnel if they have any concerns or need to report an incident.

While security staff may not be obligated to proactively show their licenses to the public, they should be prepared to present their licenses upon request by relevant authorities, such as law enforcement or SIA representatives. Failure to produce a valid license when requested by these authorities may result in legal consequences or other penalties.

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