Grant Security Personnel the same protections as other Public Sector Workers

Assaults on members of the Security Industry are on the rise. Yet shockingly there is no legislation currently in place to protect them.

The Security Industry takes on an ever increasing role in safeguarding members of the public. They guard our shopping centres, airports, stations, and many public buildings, and provide a reassuring presence in our town and city centres. At major sporting and music events they are responsible for ensuring the safety of huge crowds. They routinely deal with anything from littering to robberies and antisocial behaviour. Sadly many face verbal abuse and physical assaults while going about their everyday duties.

The Assaults on Emergency Workers Act 2018 gave courts the right to double the maximum sentence from 6 to 12 months in prison for assaulting police officers, prison officers, custody officers, fire service personnel, search and rescue services, paramedics and NHS staff. This recognises the dedication and courage that these groups display while carrying out their roles in protecting and serving the public. The same qualities shown by Security officers in the private sector, who regularly put themselves in harm’s way to keep the public safe. They are in many cases and by any definition, public servants.

Yet they are not afforded the same protection as that which is now extended to the other groups covered by the act. Assaulting a Police officer will usually lead to a harsher punishment being given by the courts than similar acts of violent crime, and rightly so. We strongly believe that the legislation covering emergency workers and other public servants should be extended to also cover security personnel while carrying out their duties, protecting the public. We believe that greater sentencing of offenders will deter some of the attacks that are regularly happening.
High levels of verbal and physical violence in the workplace has been cited as a barrier to the recruitment and retention of security guards, It is crucial that these essential workers, who put themselves at risk every time they put on a uniform, are protected and not deterred from working in this industry. They should feel that the government has their backs, as they go about the business of protecting ours.

Please [sign our petition]([0]=AT23soenZK69QRAaFTzs8wEt7wbueLiYbhksAaZBpGnu2ZKoXg9X8gL-K1CcuPCZCK1Gs9nunZfJ8dhfpFDITrQGatwS7KKrFS8xFM3SXDKxHDqpdx9vuoPz16IQgZnv74zpTgjqpLZAbKSUlUsFW7e_nb_uyw9B55QQYXmXPsqG2hgUxmkuN0U42GMKL-8DYFX8Cgkf09ot) to help us get recognition and protection for those who spend their lives protecting ours.

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