Tick Tock…Act NOW to Get the Tax Refund You Deserve

**Tick tock tick tock…….**
If you are reading this, you probably work in the Security Industry.
If you work in the Security Industry there is a good chance you are self-employed, either working for various suppliers or employed on a non-contract basis. Or maybe, your security work is a side hustle to supplement your full-time job.
If this is true you are probably responsible for your own tax.
**Tick tock tick tock…….**
The clock is running. Your self-assessment will be due on the 31st of January. Have you submitted your tax return yet? Failure to do so could result in fines and late payment penalties.
Umbrella members have access to our tax processing partners, who will take the hassle out of your tax submission. With no paperwork for you to deal with, a submission will be made on your behalf, claiming for everything you are entitled to.
You could receive a rebate of up to £2500 but……
**Tick tock tick tock…….**
We can help you claim for the last 3 years paid taxes so you need to register before the 31st of January, or you will miss out on a full year of refunds.
Follow the link to find out how you can claim.
Other member benefits include-
Critical injury/death in service insurance. If something were to happen to you at work, are your family going to be looked after financially?
Legal advice. From criminal defence advice, employment disputes or divorce matters.
Access to a 24/7 counselling service, and if you need it, we can arrange face to face therapy.
All this for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

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